Becoming a BSides Boise sponsor

Click Here to download BSidesBoise Sponsorship Kit

BSidesBoise is a non-profit organization. People who coordinate, speak and help, volunteer their talent. Sponsorship contributes to the building, hosting, insurance, t-shirts, food, and all the things that make a great conference even better.

If you are interested in sponsoring BSidesBoise and getting your product and name in front of our passionate and enthusiastic security community please contact us!

Our goal is to generate collaboration and cross engagement with the Boise Security community. The ideal sponsor is one that has the technical staff and thought leaders that would also present and attend a BSides event.

Our event last year was a great success and we learned a lot! We are excited for BSides Boise 2017 and have made a few changes that will make it an even better event.

  • Shorter talks mornings both days
  • Great New Addition WORKSHOPS
  • Kid only CTF 16 and under
  • Interactive sponsor tables
  • Recruiting table where job hunters and People with Cyber Security openings can connect