Submit A Session

Do you have a great idea for a session, workshop, or village? Fill out the forms below by October 4th, 2019, to submit your ideas! We'll let you know as soon as possible if your idea has been selected.

What are the types of sessions?

This is more of a lecture-style talk. Please try to keep sessions to about 50 minutes.
This CFP is open to everyone, and we encourage all to submit. BsidesBoise is focused on building the security community in Boise through quality content and learning opportunities. We also want to provide a great opportunity for those who have never before spoken at a conference to get some great experiences submitting and talking at a great security conference.
More of an interactive training event.
Starts at a specific time, and requires attendees to arrive at the start of the training period. The number of workshop attendees is somewhat limited, unlike villages.
An all-day, walk-up training booth
Can support attendees coming and going as they choose. It may still require the attendee to invest significant time to complete, but unlike a Workshop, attendees can drop by and get up to speed whenever they want.